Make a Claim

It is important that you read your policy documents and Insurance Certificate to find out whether you are able to make a successful claim against the insurance policy. The policy wording will show you what is covered under your policy and your certificate will show you any endorsements or excesses that apply. You can also find useful information about looking after your home in our Homeowners Guide please follow the link here.

Please click here, and you will be redirected to the claim form.

If you believe the problem you have encountered is covered by the policy you should report your claim, as follows:

  • If your home is not yet completed and you believe you have lost the deposit you paid when you exchanged purchase contracts you should report your claim to us. Your policy number and the Developer are detailed on your Building Period Certificate which your legal representative should have provided you with or have a copy of.

  • If you notice a problem within the first two years after you bought the home and before the expiry date shown on your Insurance Certificate and the Developer is still trading you should report your claim to your Developer in writing. You should also make sure you keep copies of all correspondence between you and the developer of your property. The Developer is named on the Insurance Certificate, if you do not have the certificate you should contact your legal representative as they must ensure the certificate is in place before completion of the sale.

  • If you notice a problem within the first two years shown on your certificate and after reporting it to the Developer they have refused to rectify the problem or has ignored you after several attempts to make contact, or to your knowledge is no longer trading you should report your claim to us .

  • If you notice the problem after the first two years from the effective date shown on the Insurance certificate but before the expiry date shown on your certificate, you should report your claim to us .

Once you have submitted your claim form someone from the claims department will be in touch with you within 3 working days of Checkmate receiving your claim form.

Homebuyers Information

For information regarding the latent defects insurance policy for your new home. Please click here.