Checkmate Consumer Code for Builders of Homes for Sale

The Code is a mandatory set of requirements to ensure best practice before, during and after the purchase of a Home. The Code applies to all homes in a development where the development was registered with Checkmate for a Checkmate Warranty after 30 April 2014. All Builders who provide a Checkmate Warranty agree to comply with the Code.


Buying a new home is an exciting time. It is important that you understand the process, what you’re buying and what help is available should problems arise.


The Code is designed to help you understand what levels of service to expect from your Home Builder, feel fully informed about your purchase and know your consumer rights before and after you move in.


The Code contains Requirements that all Home Builders who register homes with Checkmate after the 30th April 2014 until the 1st June 2019 have to comply with.


The full Code Requirements can be seen using the link below but here are the Key Requirements:


The Builder should provide you with a copy of the Code with your Reservation agreement.


The Code covers a range of customer service Requirements, including:


  • Effective customer service training
  • Clear and truthful advertising and marketing materials
  • Sufficient pre-purchase information to help you make an informed decision about your purchase
  • Contact details for the Home Builder and other relevant bodies
  • Home Warranty information
  • Contract information including termination rights
  • Timing of construction, completion and handover
  • After-sales service
  • Complaints process


Please use the link below to download the Checkmate Consumer Code for Builders of Homes for Sale


Checkmate Consumer Code for Builders of Homes for Sale

Make a Complaint

You must first bring the complaint to the Builder, if you are not satisfied with the Builder’s response, or do not receive a response within 56 days you may refer the matter to The Property Ombudsmen (TPO) , See paragraph 20 within the Code.


TPO are an independent, trained Adjudicator who will review your complaint and can make an award according to paragraph 18 within the Code.


To make it easier, you can either email providing details of your claim or download the claims forms below, completing them and sending them to email