Lifetime Membership

Checkmate is delighted to offer a Lifetime Membership option for those businesses which want to enjoy excellent value for money in return for a longer term relationship with Checkmate. The cost for lifetime membership is just £7000 + VAT.

If you are a manufacturer of a building system and you would like to explore a "Type Approval" from Checkmate, enabling your building system to leave your factory with an intrinsic approval for a Checkmate latent defect insurance policy, please contact Paul Cooper - pc(at)

A bespoke package will be agreed for Checkmate to carry out the assessment process of your building system and include a Lifetime Membership to Checkmate. This facilitates you to promote the Checkmate range of policies and your Checkmate Type Approval on your website. Checkmate will also promote your Type Approved building system on the Checkmate website.

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