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Checkmate's "Green Library" allows the promotion of building systems, products or services which are environmentally sound and assist with the creation of sustainable developments. There is no charge levied by Checkmate for the promotion of building systems, products or services within the Green Library; we are seeking to encourage sustainable development and to enhance the biodiversity within our communities. If you offer a green building system, product or service and would like us to feature it within the Green Library, then please contact us to request an application form. Checkmate does not offer any endorsement or warranty for any listing on this page, the claims made in each listing are those by the business who made the listing and and have not been verified by Checkmate. Don't forget to scroll down to see all the products listed!

Propelair Ltd
Angharad Hunt - - 01268 548322 -
Propelair is an innovative and sustainable water saving toilet which was launched in 2013. Using patented POWA displaced air technology, the British designed and manufactured toilet produces a powerful, high-perfomance flush which only requires 1.5 litres of water. Using 84% less water per flush also reduces the energy required in water treatment, lowering the carbon footprint of the toilet by 80%. Propelair boasts WRAS and BSI Kitemark approvals whilst exceeding the environmental requirements detailed in Part G of the Building Regulations and Code for Sustainable Homes. It also achieves the highest performance rating under BREEAM's water consumption guidelines. In addition Propelair offers significant design flexibility as the toilet is able to operate equally effectively using 50mm waste pipe as well as the usual 100mm size.

Amina Technologies Ltd
Richard Newlove - - 01480 354390 -
In today's digital world, distributing audio around the entire home is becomming commonplace. Having speakers dotted all over the house though, gets very unsightly. Amina's Invisible Loudspeakers are fully plastered into ceilings and walls and then decorated along with the rest of the space, delivering fabulous all round sound, without touching your interior design one bit.
Amina's plaster over Invisible Loudspeakers are fully recyclable and contain no fibreboard. The product is not only warranted for 10 years, it is designed to last a lifetime, which means you never need to replace your loudspeakers - simply redcorate your room. Such extended life use is a real antidote to the throw away attitude society has enveloped of late.

Aquaco Water Recycling Ltd
Elliott Webster - - 01892 506851 -
Design, supply and installation of grey water recycling and rainwater harvesting systems to the construction industry. All size of projects from individual homes to multi-floor skscrapers catered for.

FreeRain Ltd
Marcus Fox - - 01636 614714 -
Freerain Ltd design, manufacture and supply rainwater harvesting systems for both the domestic and commercial sectors. Freerain Ltd also offer installer training courses at our factory which can lead to accredited status.

EcoService (UK) Ltd
Stephen Horrey - - 01442 270032 -
The EcoSink is a Food Waste Disposer (FWD) from a major electric motor manufacturer who produces 10 million electric motors globally, each year. The combination of its patented "Bladeless" turntable and permanent magnet DC motor enables the EcoSink to grind food waste to a puree quickly and efficiently. Liquefied waste passes easily through the waste water system using little water and electricity. For an average family of four this equates to less than one toilet flush per day and £5 of electricity each year.
Recent articles stated that the Government is seeking to ban all food waste going to landfill sites, to meet EU Regulations, during the next 2 to 3 years. FWDs make an imortant contribution towards achieving this target as well as reducing methane/carbon emissions. A study calculated that for every 1Kw used in the operation of a FWD 10Kw of electricity could be created through the processing and burning of the watse material.

3P Technik UK Ltd
Glyn Hyett - - 01239 623506 -
3P Technik UK supplies the widest single range of rainwater harvesting filters and components; we supply everything for a RWH system except the underground tank and all from UK stock. We are the only Trade Only supplier to the UK and Ireland and everything is backed by our class leading service, technical advice and after sales support systems.

Celtic Sustainables
Celtic Sustainables offer high quality environmentally friendly paints which are good for your health and the environment. We always provide the best independent advice and tell you "What's in the tin" about everything we sell; if we don't know or don't like it we won't sell it. We pride ourselves on providing helpful and friendly advice, an efficient and cost effective delivery service all whilst offering highly competitve prices.
Our range includes: Auro, Earthborn, Farrow & Ball, Homestrip and Osmo. We have eco-friendly paints, wood stains and oils for interior and exterior walls and wood along with a range of environmentally aware decorating accessories and lime products. We also stock sustainable insulation products made from natural wool, hemp and recycled paper.

Matthew Harding - - 0845 5120 421 -
Intelligent automatic stopcock which guards against water loss and damage 24 hours a day by monitoring water flow and isolating the mains water supply if an unusual flow of water occurs. Terminates water if no flow during preset time period and has a simple manual over ride switch. The product conforms to point 16 of the "Lifetime Homes" design criteria, helps to conserve water in the event of a burst or leak, includes a 10 year guarantee and has approvals from CIPHE, WRAS and BSI.

Enigma - water conditioner
Electronic frequency modulated treatment to eliminate hard water and lime-scale damage, improving efficiency and protecting machinery and heating equipment. Removes existing lime-scale, improves boiler and heating element efficiency, reduces chemical treatments and improves all pipe transit (waste, sludge, pulp). A 1mm layer of lime-scale will cause a 7% increase in energy input to the boiler to meet the same heat demand – Carbon Trust.
IFORE - rain water harvesting
The IFORE system collects, filters and gravity feeds water for use in toilet facilities, laundry, car washing and irrigation. Rain water is collected from roof trays or existing gutter systems; no digging, underground storage tanks or pumps are required. Saves up to 50% of the average domestic usage / 33% on commercial usage. The most cost effective RWH system on the market Compliant to the British standards BS8515:2009.
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