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Checkmate's "Green Library" allows the promotion of building systems, products or services which are environmentally sound and assist with the creation of sustainable developments.
There is no charge levied by Checkmate for the promotion of building systems, products or services within the Green Library; we are seeking to encourage sustainable development and to enhance the biodiversity within our communities.
If you offer a green building system, product or service and would like us to feature it within the Green Library, then please contact us to request an application form.
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EBS elk Ltd

David Craddock - - 020 8600 5799 -

EBS elk deliver and assemble close timber structural panels. Our panels can be integrated in to nearly any building design. We provide a fast, cost effective, thermally efficient, high quality solution to CSH (4, 5 & 6) requirements as well as sypplying and installing far more than other mainstream panel providers. Our buildings arrive with windows already glazed and installed in the factory. Render, timber and decorative panels can also be applied in the factory and all the internals are pre-plasterboarded with all the required M&E cut-outs already done. We have exceptional air-tightness, 3 being the highest rating we have had so far and exceptionally low thermal bridging (Y-values) too. Our product has achieved the highest fire rating available in the recent UKTFA fire tests and has a CE number for the entire process. Our mission is to deliver sustainable, high quality buildings that are designed to meet the requirements of our clients as well as providing solutions to every higher demands of Governments and end users. EBS elk delivery very sustainable buildings which a low impact on the environment - all wall/floor/celing/roof elements achieve an A* rating on the BRE Green Guide to Housing. The overall result of the system is a highly energy efficient property with low carbon emissions and low running costs for the occupier.

FLM_logo InsulspanLogo
FLM Build Ltd
Mike Zamorski - - 07814 527650 -
Benefit from Modern Methods of Construction with the highly energy efficient FLM Build Insulspan SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) system. The system delivers high speed of construction on site along with excellent structural integrity (up to 7 times stronger than a traditional timber frame) and still allowing exstensive design flexibility. It provides superb air-tightness and minimises cold bridging as well being tested to seismic standards and hurricane force winds, it also offers excellent fire resistance and minimises material watse on site. The system can achieve Code for Sustainable Homes level 6 through a range of panel thicknesses from 115mm to 315mm and it is designed and manufacturered in accordance with ISO 9001 - 2010. The roof space can be adapted into habitable accommodation with minimal additional structural required and Insulspan can be used as a standalone product or in conjuntion with the FLM Build RewardWalls ICF system.

FLM_logo RewardwallsLogo
FLM Build Ltd
Mike Zamorski - - 07814 527650 -
Benefit from Modern Methods of Construction with the highly energy efficient FLM Build Rewardwalls ICF (Insulated Concrete Formwork) system. The system delivers high speed of construction on site along with excellent structural integrity (tested to wind speeds of up to 300 km/h) and still allowing extensive design flexibility. Using the thermal mass construction consept method it offers superb air-tightness, excellent fire resistance and minimises construction watse on and off site. Using a range of enhanced ESP insulation thicknesses the Code of Sustainable Homes level 6 can be achieved and the felixbility to add below ground habitable space either as a stand alone system or integrated with the FLM Build Insulspan system, makes the Rewardwall system an excellent choice.

Mantle Building System
Gary Littlechild - - 01303 773107 -
The award winning Mantle Building System is a patented, tested and certified British system. It is fast, cost-effective, green and safe and used across the entire construction spectrum: residential, commercial and public-sector. Outstanding environmentally, with extremely low embodied carbon, it has awards for reducing carbon emissions. Its Psi values are up to 10 times better than "Accredited". Standard components are used without modification or renewables, to obtain maximum fabric SAP points at Code 6. It is super-insulated with a 0.10 U-value before external cladding or finishing. It has no thermal bridges and an air permeability of circa 1m3/m2@50Pa. Acoustic insulation starts at 60dB, standard fire rating is 1-hour and it is ideal for multi-occupancy buildings. At 1/15th and 1/10th the weight of brick and timber structures respectively, foundation, cart-away and concrete costs are significantly reduced. It is at least 4 times stronger than engineered timber and can be used below ground. It is recyclable, inert and will not degrade when exposed and has a standard 60 years durability certification. Installation speed, cleanliness and simplicity cause minimal disruption and pollution and the project build costs are typically 20% and 33% lower than traditional and timber solutions respectively.

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