Checkmate - Green by design

Checkmate is founded on a green ethos of environmental awareness, providing its products and services through a low carbon platform. Checkmate works with its clients and suppliers in an environmentally sound way for the benefit of all.

Checkmate's "Green Library" allows the promotion of building systems, products or services which are environmentally sound and assist with the creation of sustainable developments. There is no charge levied by Checkmate for the promotion of building systems, products or services within the Green Library; we are seeking to encourage sustainable development and to enhance the biodiversity within our communities. If you offer a green building system, product or service and would like us to feature it within the Green Library, then please contact us to request an application form. Checkmate does not offer any endorsement or warranty for any listing, the claims made in each listing are those by the business who made the listing and and have not been verified by Checkmate.

Despite being low carbon by design, it is clear that some emissions are inevitable during the delivery of Checkmate's products and services. Therefore Checkmate accurately and transparently measures its carbon footprint, takes steps to actively reduce it further in the future and then offsets the remaining unavoidable emissions. Checkmate undertakes this process in line with the British Standards Institute PAS2060 certification and is independently audited.

The result - Checkmate is proud to be a Carbon Neutral business.

Click HERE to view our current Certificate of Carbon Neutrality


Switching your new home warranty to Checkmate is good for the environment as well as making sound business sense.

Make Checkmate a carbon neutral link in your supply chain today.

Read more about Checkmate's green ethos here.



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