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Welcome to the Checkmate website. As a new home buyer it is important for us to help you understand what you need to know regarding a latent defects insurance policy (new home warranty) from Checkmate.

If you are buying a property from a developer or builder or if you are purchasing a part share in a new home from developer or builder or housing association your new home should have a Castle 10 insurance policy provided for you. When you are close to exchange of contracts you should be able to obtain a copy of one of two different types of certificate and this should contain your name and other details about the property.

When you exchange contracts before the new home has finished being built you may receive a copy of the Building Period Certificate and Castle 10 insurance policy wording. As well as your name and contact details and those of the organisation who is selling you the new home, you should also find the full address of the new home and the purchase price that you are paying for it. These documents confirm the extent of the insurance cover provided to you before the home has finished being built.

Once the new home is finished and ready for you to move in you will receive a copy of the Insurance Certificate, a copy of the Castle 10 insurance policy wording and a copy of the Homeowner’s Guide. These documents will normally be provided to you by email and in PDF format. You should check that all the details are complete and correct on the Insurance Certificate; these documents confirm the extent of the insurance cover provided and how long the cover is for. If you do not have these documents then you cannot be certain that there is a policy in place or that one will be issued in the future, it is the responsibility of your solicitor to ensure that the correct documents exist before you complete your purchase to ensure that you are adequately protected and are not in breach of any conditions imposed by a mortgage lender.

We would recommend that you read the policy documents and certificates thoroughly so that you fully understand what cover is available to you and in what circumstances. For a summary of the cover available please the following link: Our Latent Defects Insurance Policies.

Checkmate has carried out a detailed and comprehensive programme of risk management throughout the building period of your new home. We do this to limit, as far as possible, the chances of things going wrong with your new home and damage being caused by latent defects. Although your new home, along with every other insured by us, has undergone these checks we cannot confirm that your home is free from defects or that there will not be a problem in the future.

All new homes for sale on the open market from a private builder or developer that come with a Checkmate Castle 10 new home warranty are also the subject of the Checkmate Consumer Code for Builders of Homes for Sale (Code). Click here to download a copy of the Code.

If you need to discuss your latent defects insurance policy or the Code with us please contact us.

If you need to discuss a problem with your new home under the terms of your latent defects insurance policy please follow this link to make a claim.


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